The project was developed with the purpose of demonstrating the qualities of the new Ultra Light shoe produced in a footwear industry in Brazil, representing and connecting the idea of lightness, softness and comfort.

The video has the intention of transmitting the developer's ideas and line of thought about the construction and imagination of the new shoe, from the first drawing to the final model

The gradient and color palette used are part of the identity of the Ultra Light launch campaign.

Bringing the green and blue spectrum as a fundamental aspect for the development of video and images. 

UltraLight Shoes
Briefing: Karina Murari and Breno Pugliesi
3D shoes modelling and texturing: Otávio Silveira
3D scene, light and texturing: Lucas M. Silveira
Animation: Otávio Silveira | Lucas M. Silveira
Simulations: Lucas M. Silveira

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