We had the challenge of developing a 3D animation for the door to door Mobile Sales application. The main problem was to make this animation fun and informative at the same time, attracting the attention of the viewers without losing the main objective.
To achieve the goal we chose to use the client's color palette in a very cheerful way, using almost basically rounded and simplified forms.
All the dynamics were designed so that the viewer would always wait for the next action.

Agency, Intermediation and Management: Dote and Linker
Account Manager: Gustavo Cintra (Dote)
Locution Script: Junior Biasoli (Dote)
Animation Script: Mateus Morgan, Carlos Rosa, Caique Fernando and Otavio Silveira
Storyboard: Arthur Padua
Motion Design: Carlos Rosa
3D Models: Mateus Morgan
3D AnimationAnimation: Otavio Silveira


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